Dating Advice for Men


So, what exactly is it that women want? Although there are many who believe that there is no answer to that question, I beg to differ.  I know what women want.  Alright, stop shaking your heads in baffled amusement and read on to find the answer to a not so mysterious mystery.  Here it is…Women want to feel special. It’s as simple as that. Don’t believe me? Just listen to Bruno Mars. Bruno gets it and he’s not afraid to sing it. Every woman wants a man to tell her that she is amazing just the way she is and that she is truly a treasure.  

So,make her feel special. Pay attention to details. Here’s a tip. Before the date find out some of her favorites without being obvious.  Work the questions into conversation. Don’t send her a questionnaire.  Show up to her door the night of your date with her favorite flower, but just one.  Present your lovely lady with a gorgeous Calla Lily or a delicate Gerbera Daisy. Whatever she likes, Google it if you’ve never heard of it before; just don’t get it wrong.  Flower arrangements are random and impersonal. Anyone can give her a bunch of flowers from the shop, but a single stem of her favorite flower proves that you know who she is and you think she’s perfect.

 Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world. Dote on her, but don’t be overbearing.  Listen to every word that comes out of her beautiful mouth, and don’t forget any of the things she says.  If you make it to the second date, she’ll test you on it later. Shower her with her favorites, but slowly and in small increments.  Presenting her with a 2 karat diamond necklace on your first date is a sign of desperation. Too much will creep her out.  Just a little will keep her wanting more.

Go get her.  Make her feel precious, but do it with sincerity. It always works for me.



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